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Nila Surya Enterprises


Supply Chain Logistics, Inventory auditing, Stock Forecast Planning, Training staff, Financial Planning - Life Insurance Medical Insurance and General insurance. ISO 9001 process, etc Can undertake outsourcing activities like vendor selection, warehouse selection, inventory audit and compilation of reports, stock aging, forecast planning, training staff etc Expert in arrangement of Lighting requirements - sourcing and supplying Can arrange candidates for employment

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Providing Customer Support Logistics and Supply Chain Consultants Standard Operating Procedures Life Insurance Planning Medical Insurance Planning General Insurance
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Insurance INR 0 INR 0 Life Insurance Health Insurance General Insurance True 1453631654
Sourcing of Lighting Requirement INR 0 INR 0 For any construction activities, Electrical items are needed to Light up the building, rooms, work areas, path ways, etc. Can get best possible prices and products on need base True 1453631757
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# 12 Venugopalaswamy Nagar, 2nd Cross Street, Rajakilpakkam
+91 9600111765  or   or    (Trouble calling us?)
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